26 simple tips to boost your email delivery

Why are you bothered about email delivery?
This is the most important key to check the fruit of your hard work. In spite of using all your creativity in making up the email newsletter to be attractive enough with formats, size and layouts and ready with engageable content, and then your newsletter not delivered to your customers. It is really heartburn news. There are several reasons for this to happen.

How to take care of email delivery issues?
This is often asked by many email marketers. You can learn deliverability techniques from MailGoes team experts. However in this topic let us discuss about the simple tips to boost your delivery process.

Quality of email newsletter:

1) One thing you need to check before sending your newsletter is spam rates with that particular domain or ESPs of your client addresses. The maximum acceptable spam score is 5.

2) Once your spam score is clear, make sure that your content is devoid of spam words. Craft your subject body without using any hyper language to hype up your spam score.

3) Use of visuals or images to make your client in understanding your newsletter is good, but images with high pixel range more than 600px is at risk of spam filters.

4) When you have kept images, and then make sure that you give equally informative text in your newsletter.

5) Avoid large attachments, keep it below 1Mb.

6) Readers can spend only few seconds in reading your newsletter, and hence keep your subject lines short, simple and informative. Not more than 30 words.

7) Block letters or capital letters are eye catchy for spam filters and hence use capital letters wherever necessary like after a full stop of the sentence to have an organised format.

8) Add links wherever it is necessary but make sure that it is build with words or phrases. Don't send text links, they are caught as spammers.

9) Don't send your newsletters to inactive or incorrect addresses, it increases hard bounce rates.

10) Don't send your newsletter asking for personal information of your clients. Then your newsletter will be identified as phishing spam email.

11) Newsletter should convey essential information about the product or the service provided by your company. Create newsletter with relevant and enriched content. Seek any help for creating content with experts from MailGoes team.

12) Keep your future newsletter in relation with your previous newsletter in terms of subject lines and content.

13) Check your newsletter with W3 validator for any HTML code errors.

14) Never include forms and scripts in your email newsletter content.

15) Keep away your newsletter from spam filters, to achieve this segment your contact list and maintain a good hygiene. Insert an unsubscribe link at the top or at the bottom of your newsletter, wherever you feel that your uninterested client can have a better view.

16) If the email newsletter has landed in spam folder unavoidably, the recipient has also marked it as "spam". Then the other interested recipient marked it as "not spam", your brand reputation will be increased in the eyes of ESPs like Gmail, Yahoo and etc.

17) Email newsletters to reach safely in the client's inbox, request your interested clients to add your email address to their address book.

18) Certain ISPs like Gmail will add the emails address to the address book instantly if the recipients reply your email. So encourage your prospective clients to reply you in return with their feedback and comments for improvement.

19) Don't send email newsletters to deactivated and non-existing accounts.

20) Don't send several emails on the same day, forcing your client to notice it. Instead, conduct a survey of how your clients want to receive your newsletters and in what subject they are really interested you to convey.

21) To open the newsletter images in future, request your clients to load remote content with in the newsletter to protect the privacy of your newsletters.

22) Send email newsletter less to those who opens your newsletter rarely, as less open rates indirectly arouse email delivery issues and this can be done by segmenting your lists.

23) Analyse your campaign results regularly and keep testing it, to achieve better and best results and to attain high return on investment rates.

24) Create re-engagement or reactive campaigns with special offers for unsubscribe list to make them active in your list. Repeatedly, not able to engage, then bid "good bye" in a friendly way.

25) Request or encourage your interested clients to mark your email newsletter with special features like star in Gmail, Flag in Hotmail and Yahoo to remind them it to be important.

26) Employ domain authentication in your email campaigns for better sales.

These are the simplest keys of all to improve your email delivery process. Need more assistance, call MailGoes team.


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