How to run spam checks

Design some efficient tools to check your email campaigns whether it lands in the inbox or in the junk folder. The best option to check your campaign efficiency is to run a spam check before hitting the send button.

Generally most email accounts have content filters where they are capable of identifying legitimate and illegitimate senders. They rarely results in false positives where your legitimate email campaigns are send to spam folder. But this is very low in occurrence. In addition each and every ISPs have specially designed content filters which are good at identifying your content accuracy before delivering it to their subscribers. These are carried by ISP to outperform spammers.

You can readily conduct some tests with throwaway email addresses of popular ISPs like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and etc. Analyse whether your email gets into the inbox or spam folder of users.

It is simple to understand, if the subscriber opens your email campaigns then your email will land in their inbox only rather than in their spam folder. But your subscriber should identify you initially to open your email campaigns. You should be capable of creating awareness in your subscribers.

The other point to consider is that how your email campaigns looks on different screens and also with different domains of ISPs. Your email might look attractive in Gmail but Yahoo might not have such features and vice versa. Check your campaign efficiency for layout, formats and designs before hitting the send button.

Adopt popular third party applications like "Spam Assassin" to test your campaigns before hitting the send button. These applications are good at breakdown of scores with different strategies of email marketing campaigns. They are seem to be applicable, why because they just run out and check your entire campaign content rather than the copy visible to that of clients.

While crafting your subject lines, you must be careful and spend some time in doing so as they are the gateways for your clients to know what is exactly hidden in your email campaigns. If this proved to be misleading or false headed then of sure your campaigns are likely to sit in the junk folder.

If you are comfortable in using HTML in your email campaigns then check for HTML code errors so that they would not break on different screen dragging your technical knowledge to the bottom line.

When you are sure that all the above said points are satisfied, still you find your campaigns in the spam folder then you are making a mistake with that of headers and content.

How your email creative should be?
As we all know we all are not alike in appearance, thoughts and interests. Each and every email client is different from others and they have specific criteria in opening your email campaigns and reading it. But in order to prove yourself as a legitimate sender, follow these steps to run a spam check for your campaigns to be in the good books of ISPs.

  • Send a test email using the same ISP you want to send your campaigns. It might be Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and etc.
  • Open your campaigns as if you are a regular client to read the message.
  • Click the reply button in the email campaign.
  • Choose the button "show original".
  • Copy and paste the data to check with spam assassin.

There are many more tools but choose a tool which is capable of checking your entire headers to be safe sender list.

What should you do if your campaign is a spam?
If you campaigns are labelled as spam then recheck your words, rewrite your headers and edit your content to make sure that your campaigns are properly formatted and are designed to that of best practises and before hitting the send button.


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