Guidelines to design attractive newsletters

We all know email is the most excellent communication channel. Nowadays email marketing campaigns have gained lot more importance in sales and marketing fields. Newsletters are the cost effective source to reach your clients. But it is a big responsibility on your shoulders. People won’t give their email address just like that. If you want to be successful in newsletter then here is the key.

Your newsletter may contain what and all you want to convey to your readers. But while sketching newsletters you must prepare a list of points. So that you can be sure that your newsletter contains all such that to convey to the customers.

Checklist of your Content
Be sure with the content. “First impression is the best impression”, this best applies here, and your content is the first point noticed by your customers. Your content should have all the qualities. Put yourself in customer shoes and ask yourselves whether your content fulfils all such that you accept.

Is your words captivating?
You should put your words in such a way that it fascinates all other emails in your client’s inbox.

Is it devoid of spam words?
Never use such words like “free money” or 100% satisfaction or “free offers” etc, to avoid - spam filters to trap you. Don’t get over excited and don’t use hyper language to get the attention of users. Put your words clearly and in an even tone in which way your clients will understand better.

Avoid using symbols and other excitement marks
Craft your content with devoid of symbols and with minimum punctuations to its necessity. All excitement marks, exclamation mark, dollar sign and other symbols are eye catchers of spam filters.

Content in CAPS
When you see anything in caps, it is eye catchy and it reminds that you should read them. Likewise don’t put your content in capitals as if you are ordering your customers on reading it. Your customers dislike this behaviour and likely increase your unsubscribe list.

Short and simple content
Readers can spend hardly few seconds to read your content. Lengthy content makes the readers get frustrated. Your subject line should not exceed 50 characters. Keep it short and crispy with necessary information.

Make it audible
Make a concise pattern/template or logo and paste it in all your campaigns. When the interested customer recognises the logo, then you will have lesser spam rates. It is the easiest way to maintain a trustworthy relationship with your customers.
If you feel it to be complicated, we MailGoes team have hundreds of custom templates to help you out.

Use of space bar
Giving space in between the words makes your readers feel convenient in reading your subject lines. Don’t be stingy and write words without any space. Give your newsletter a well ordered look and business like appearance.

Don’t visualize them too much
Don’t load your newsletter with images and visuals which makes it difficult for your customer to understand what kind of service or product you want to promote them. Keep you visuals on an understandable line.

Extreme your sales
Certainly you all love to do window shopping, just to take random look of everything in the shop and then decide on what to buy. Likewise your clients will see your headers and then decide to consider. So put your best laid plans at the top of your newsletter.

More links
To make a strong marketers reputation, it is necessary for you learn how to use links in your newsletters, the more links clicked in your newsletter then more is the business. It gives a tough competition to your competitors.

Keep it short and sweet
When you have something to say which takes up much space, then keep the information short and give your clients a chance to read through “Read more” option.

Guidelines to do after hitting send
You have done a lot of hard work in creating enriched content, avoided spam tarps and finally with all favourable things you hit the send button and relaxed. No; don’t do that to gain income lies after hitting the send button. If your content seems to be old fashioned then here are some tips to set it right.

Make your current users feel convenient
Many current users wants to know about all your past reviews and newsletters. If you create your newsletter updated, then your current users will feel convenient.

Discover new clients
Make your content more rigid and firm that the new users can find your newsletters on a random search. This way you can promote your service or a product and your company’s brand.

Search engine optimization
It is a programme or the process maximizing the number of viewers of a particular website by making sure that the site scores higher results in search engine. If your newsletters are quality authorized then chances are high for your company to stand at the top when readers do a key search

Gain more interested clients
If an interested client founds your newsletter to be appealing and quality written, then to make him intact put a signup form on landing page. Archived reader likes your newsletter then he is of sure to subscribe.

Sending Email Newsletter is an art and it is the most important, cost effective and profitable process of your business. So spend your valuable time in crafting an enriched content which can steal the user's mind instantly. If your newsletters are well organised and appealing, surely your customer will like to open and read.


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