Simple guidelines to reduce bounce rates

When you are expecting to see your results eagerly and wait to know your open rates, if you find your score with high bounce rates rather than open rates, how frustrating it is? What to do about that bounce rates? How to rectify them? For all these questions, here are the 5 simple guidelines to reduce your bounce rates which will increase your deliverability results.

Begin with a high standard sign up form
It is necessary to create a good signup form where you will be able to get necessary information about your client and their email addresses. It acts as a source to judge their interests. Make sure that you put a captcha system to prevent fake signups.

Maintain your list hygiene
The main reason for increase in bounce rates is due to the poor list maintenance. Keep your list in good hygiene by taking care of the following:

Invalid addresses: These addresses might be closed or the clients are no longer using it. Sending to such email id leads to hard bounce. Wash out such addresses from the list.

Spelling mistakes: Sending emails newsletters to email addresses with spelling mistakes of the given addresses. This can be rectified by checking, correcting and resending the email newsletter..

Generic email addresses: These are the addresses which are not used by the individual; it is addressed to the organisation or individual department. For example:,, avoid such email addresses from your list.

List segmentation: Segment unsubscribes clients from your list to avoid increase of spam rates. If you send your newsletter with your poorly segmented list, then your sales ratio will come to the bottom line and your bounce rates increases drastically. Spend a little time in washing out your list yields best results.

Sender domain verification
Many of them don't know what it exactly means. It seems to be technical but it is not a magic that you can't do. It is the simplest way in making emails to have an organized manner. Domain verification is nothing but allowing your data to be verified by the third party, to make your domain to trust them to send emails on behalf of you or your domain.

Avoid spam filters or spam traits
This seems to be the simplest, but while doing it you really feel it to be hard. Because while crafting your subject lines you need to aware of such terms like "Free money", "Offer opens" "cash bonus", "promise you!" etc need to be avoided as they will attract your newsletter to spam filters. Spam filters have updated information now to render more secured service to their clients. So you cannot simply forget this. It is always recommended to check spam score of your template before sending to your clients. Be sure that your links and text messages are out of spam traps.

Keeping the above steps into practice, you can manage your reputation score to be good. When you encounter high bounce in any case then check out your dashboard to observe your account reputation.

Try all these guidelines and see the outcomes. Still not satisfied with the results or you feel some more tuning can be done for achieving results, then contact MailGoes team.


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