Improving your email delivery to Gmail

Effective email marketing gets to its complete form when the email has been delivered to the appropriate inbox. Taking the email to the inbox is proved to be a challenge. This challenge alone can increase the number of your sales record.

Apart from this, there is another challenging process which is highly important in maintaining your sales record. The emails that you are sending to the domains, which are the internet service providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail etc. need to go through a series of steps to get into their checklist and from there your email travels to the specific IP address and then to the client's inbox. This is a never ending chain process. The ISPs are changing their rules and regulations now and then to make their domains more service oriented centres. These are proved to be the spinal cords of email marketing business.

To perform the email marketing campaigns in a more effective way, you need to be in the good books of such domains. The giant among these ISPs is Gmail. It has been proved to have more than 425 million users. Hence every email marketer extends their hand to Gmail for friendship. In this topic, we will discuss how Gmail affects the growth of your company and what can be done to improve it.

What you should convey to Gmail users?
To be the friend of such giant domain, you need to work according to their requirements. Determine what they want from you, every subscriber have specifications and interests. Gmail have specific criteria for email newsletter, to understand this and to be out of their spam folder, you need to consider the below said points:

1) Take prior permission before sending your promotional offer to Gmail clients or you can even include a permission link or reminder at the top of the newsletter.
2) Send your newsletter to those, which shows interest in opening up.
3) Send emails to those who regularly read your newsletter and subscribe your newsletter by following CTA.
4) Send to those, who really find your newsletter to be content valued and informative.
5) Conduct an online survey to pool out more interested clients of such domains and to collect additional information of your interested clients.

How unsubscribe ratio affect your reputation?
Sending email newsletter to those, who are not interested in your promotional offers will likely put your emails to the junk folder or the spam folder. This ultimately increases your spam rates and will lower your brand reputation. Be cautious, in following the steps:

1) Use perfect format of your newsletter, don't make your newsletter to get broken down when it is viewed on a smaller screen like mobile phone, which is a bad sign.
2) Don't be over enthusiastic and use hyper language to attract clients, leading your email to land up in spam folder.
3) Wash out old email address list and keep up the list hygiene.

Domain authentication
For maintaining a good brand reputation with your ISP, it is essential for you to authenticate your domain. It is a process or procedure by which a system likes Gmail identifies and verifies the user who accesses it. Since access control is entirely based on the identity of the user who accesses it. This process is highly done for security purpose.

Without Domain Authentication (DKIM), if you send email to an uninterested client, then he is more likely to report your email to the spam folder. Provide a link like "click here to unsubscribe" at the bottom of your content to avoid spam rates.


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