How to take good care of your clients using Yahoo mail

Generally in old fashioned days, messages are conveyed one to one. But now a days using email marketing as a broadcasting channel messages are conveyed from one to many (tens, hundreds, thousands and so on). Again this number is also limited by ESP's to a certain extent, to improve service and security. Gmail and Yahoo limit their numbers because, you need to get prior permission for sending your newsletter to their clients and you need to tell them for what they are receiving your email for you to opt-in.

We have another article about Gmail and about its authentication process. Now another giant domain is Yahoo. Recently Yahoo has come up with updated modification like their users who haven't opened their email account for a year will lose their account permanently. The information will be deleted and the same email addresses may be used as spam traps. 

If this is the case, then of sure this will affect your email marketing campaign. How can this be taken care of? Don't take too much stress when MailGoes team is with you. Keep the following into practice.

Inactive Yahoo recipients affect email delivery
The inactive accounts have not been used by the account holders for about a year will no longer be available to them. If you send your emails to such accounts, then your email will encounter a hard bounce or soft bounce if it is spam trap. The increase in hard bounce rates will decrease your brand reputation. This automatically results in making your emails sent to the refreshed active members of Yahoo to land up in Spam folders, increasing spam rates.

Inactive Yahoo addresses increasing spam rates
As declared by the Yahoo domain, the inactive accounts are now available for the new active members of Yahoo. The twist is that the account names will be the same but the individual differs.

For example: is an interested client of your newsletter but after a year of inactivity, this addresses is available to XXX.y and the new email address is If the email sent to this address thinking that he is a prospective client, your email will go to the spam folder as he is not the one signed up for your promotional offer. By this the spam rates will be increased and you will lose your reputation with the ESP Yahoo.

How to rectify
Wash out your old list of yahoo members, who have not opened your newsletter for the last 6 months. Segment your list and wash out all those accounts and start creating a new hygienic list.

How to reengage the campaigns?
Take the segmented list and keep it aside, before inactivating them, sends them a newsletter to promote reengagement. This might work; some of them will open your emails and might accept your invitation. But be sure that your brand name is recognizable and your content interesting.

What happens on neglecting?
If you neglect to segregate the inactive Yahoo accounts, then you are at a risk of indulged in to spamming due to the increase in spam rates and this will drag your brand reputation to the bottom line.

Do contact MailGoes team if you need any assistance in performing your operations.


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