What are Spam Traps and how to avoid them

To define Spam Traps, these are usually email addresses which are generally created to find out the unlawful senders who add email address without the permission of the users to their lists for sending their promotional emails. These spam traps are basically not for communication purpose. Don’t let yourself to be the one among them who caught in the spam traps. They will hurt your reputation and business greatly.

Spam Traps are efficient tools of ISPs or ESPs, that is internet or email service providers (such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc) to evade the email addresses of the proposer. After a certain span, the deactivated accounts are taken hold by the ESPs. Then they are reactivated by the ESPs to check their availability standards. If any promotional mails are received by such email address then it means that an uninvited message is sent to the proposer. This is very easy way to ISPs to catch spammers.

It would not be a problem until the sender has an eye on their spam reports and evidently clearing their uninterested customer list, then they are at a safer side from the blacklist. This can be achieved by regularly monitoring their bounce rates and by creating a new list.

Being in the blacklist may take away your reputation, but getting hold of the situation by not sending emails to the spam trap mistakenly might be easy with the following tips.

Segregate unsubscribe button
If the reader or the user is not interested with your promotional offer or the newsletter sent by you, then there is no use of trying to keep him intact. Letting them go does good to you, it will ultimately clean your list and the lower the risk of spam traps. Hence make the unsubscribe link or the button clearly visible to the readers.

Engage users with double opt-in system
Sending an email with great content and making the readers to open it, have lead half way to success. For the remaining to get blockbuster, opt for double opt-in method by making the interested customer to undergo an email confirmation to complete the subscription. This is done to double check the reader’s interest with your promotional ideas and to make them to be sure of what they are opting.

Don’t buy database
Don’t buy email lists or database from others how cost effective they may consider to you. When you are least bothered in creating your own list then it is of sure that you will end up in spam traps. Clear and concise list will help you to achieve results as it contain good and interested client. Wash out unsubscribes from your list now and then. Don’t send emails to those addresses which are not the addresses of a particular person; for example: info@, jobs@, admin@ and etc.

Consider email bounces earnestly
Be aggressive with the bounce mechanism. Take immediate action on soft bounces of how to rectify them, and how to downplay them, as they can form a stepping stone to success. If you find a hard bounce, then clear the address immediately from your list.

Spam Traps are excellent tools for the ESPs to down rate the spam activity on internet. But a legitimate email marketer need not worry about this until and unless you maintain a hygienic list of contacts, track the interests of clients regularly.

These discussions are making you to understand that email marketing is to bind a formal agreement with your clients. Don’t take stress about the results, once you know how to engage your clients then you are at the step of success.



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